Data processing

Tables….. old hat? No, not in our experience – they still offer the best route to get your data in the format that you need it. Calling on our wealth of DP experience we will take your data (whether you collected it or we did… it’s all the same to us) and produce a set of tables to your specifications in the format most appropriate to you (PDF, Excel, WinYaps etc.). If you don’t need tables, we can re-format your data to your requirements or if you need to save time on repetitive bulk charting, we can do that too!


There’s nothing new here, we’ve been doing this for the best part of 20+ years. All DataTree colleagues are extensively trained in Quantum to create your tables. We provide a proactive DP experience, it’s not a robotic process where we follow an instruction and never question it, we try and find the best way to display the information you need and we’ll ask the right questions in order to get to what you need.


It comes in many different formats but there’s only certain formats that you want or can use. We can make this happen – if your data comes in a format you can’t use, we’ll give it back to you in a format you can.


Multi-country/sector charts can be time-consuming and repetitive and open to human error when transferring data. If you have a template then we can take that and auto-populate it from chart-specific tables and repeat this again and again so the more countries you want the more cost-effective it can be.

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